NMIX 4110/6110

New Media Production

Some skills I gained from this course are how to use my time and energy efficiently by learning how to utilize the resources available to me. For example, I have always heard of people using Bootstrap but I have never heard of using themes before. 

From this course, I learned about HTML, CSS, and WordPress. I learned how to create websites from “scratch” (using Bootstrap) and with a content management system like WordPress. In an increasingly competitive field, it is reassuring to know that I have learned the basics of different coding languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). While there might be much more for me to learn, I am not worried as my New Media Certificate Journey is just beginning. 

One of my favorite projects I have worked on for this course is my second project called Bootstrap Triptych. We were assigned to pick a topic and theme. From there we would show our progression as we learned more and more about CSS. So the beginning would show a basic skeleton with the knowledge we had at the time. Then we would incorporate a theme. The last panel would then show the content in the theme we chose and whatever customization we added. I think it really reflects my growth in HTML and CSS.


Project 1 – artisanal handcrafted website

Project One

Project 2 – Bootstrap Triptych

Project Two

Project 3 – News and Store WordPress

Project Three

Project 4 – JavaScript 30

Project Four

Final Project – WordPress website

Final Project

NMIX 4220

Digital Brown Bag

Rather than skills, I have gained valuable tips and advice from people in various fields. I do not have any projects to present from this class but I have learned many tips and tricks on job/internship hunting and lots of insight into various jobs.

The top three lessons I have learned from this course are that 1) no one really knows what they are doing once they graduate college, 2) networking and socializing with people is more important than people realize, and 3) it is important to know your goal and purpose before working somewhere.

Throughout the semester, I also completed some assignments that helped me refocus on my professional image and my future. One assignment was for me to look into my current credit score and determine what factors and helping and what was hurting. By taking a minute to look into my credit score, I was able to adjust my spending habits to increase my score which will help me in the future when I look into buying a car or house.

Another assignment was to look into my digital presence as job recruiters often look online when hiring new employees. Luckily, I did not have anything that could hurt my career/internship hunt but it was still good to verify.

NMIX 5110

Advanced New Media Production

This class is taking everything I have learned in NMIX 4110 and taking it a step further. We reviewed HTML, CSS, and JS but we also learned new JS frameworks like Vue and Node! It was a great time learning about them and using them to create slideshows of cute dogs and cats. After taking this class, now I am able to add Vue, Node, and API experience to my resume and portfolio.

Some of my favorite projects I have worked on in this course are my Jamboree Jukebox and slideshows as I have highlighted below. I created the Jamboree Jukebox with the iTunes API.

Jamboree Jukebox

For the dog and cat slideshows have been created with Vue.js. The dog slideshow has various categories and allows the user to move to the next and previous images. The cat slideshow displayed various cat species and in addition to the next and previous options, the user is also able to see fun facts like a description, origin, and a Wikipedia link.

Cat Slideshow
Dog Slideshow

NMIX 4310

Rich Media Production

This class has opened my eyes to a new coding language I never expected to learn – Swift. I learned how to create app features that can be used on Apple products. While there are multiple projects I want to display here, the project I am proudest of is my final app. I am planning on evolving the app to include a large range of recipes, however, due to time constraints near finals time, I only focused on one recipe. Some of the features I focused on were the to-do checklist and the video implementation.

NMIX 4510


This capstone course was an exciting rollercoaster, to say the least. I was able to work with a client and work with AR files for the first time. It has also exposed me to learn how to communicate with my client about their needs and wants as well as to think outside of the box to fulfill those needs and wants.

In terms of our capstone project, we have recreated a supplementary website for the Historic Clothing and Textile Collection (HCTC) for the UGA Special Collections Library. Our client wished to display the collection online as they are delicate items that are stored in a temperature-controlled vault.