Midterm Crochet Project

This was one of my favorite projects as my professor allowed us to have full creative control over this project. Taking inspiration from a recent hobby of crocheting, I decided to create an app for beginners. The first button takes the user to a list of different stitches. From there, they are able to tap and keep track of how many stitches they have completed. The option to decrease the number of stitches (if a mistake is made and a few stitches need to be unraveled) and the option to reset the counter (in the case, where a new row is created) are available. The next button (“Craft Stores”) displays a list of three popular craft stores nearby and if the user clicks on them, each shows a map from the user’s location to the store. Finally, the last button is a list of project ideas that are available to the user. The user can use it as inspiration as they flip through various ideas that are randomly displayed.

Final Cookbook Project

This was my second favorite project to work on because it was my final project, so I was able to compile a lot of skills I have learned throughout the semester. Cooking is a hobby I have had a bit more time to dive into with the first Covid lockdown. I remember going through many apps and websites to explore new recipes. I tried to see which platform I liked the best and figure out which features made that specific platform my favorite. The three basic features I thought were the more important when building a cookbook app were a to buy grocery list, the recipe in a text form, and a video tutorial. From there I knew I could build off more features but I knew those three features were a good start. I used my knowledge of design and layout but I had to expand my skills when learning how to implement a video and a checklist.

Registration Form

As someone who creates too many accounts on apps, it was fascinating to see myself recreating the basic login page. Some of the features I want to highlight are the text field and the verification. For example, not only can the user type in the text field, but the code also checks if the password text fields are the same and if the username is longer than four characters. When all the text fields are correct and fulfill the requirements, the requirements are crossed out.

This is a small but definitely challenging project where I worked with MapKit. To experiment with various map types (standard, satellite, and satellite flyover), I chose the White House since it is a public location. I also worked with MapKit to display the directions from the Atlanta airport to the High Museum of Art, Georgia Aquarium, and the World of Coca-Cola. The biggest challenge I faced was trying to find enough good documentation that is relative to what I was trying to accomplish.